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Employee Benefits

Benefit packages available for groups of 2+

Customization programs

Life, Accidental Death Benefits

Dependent Life

Long Term Disability

Critical Illness

Health Plans

Dental Programs

Savings and Retirement Plans

Life Insurance

We provide guidance on the appropriate type of plan, insurance amount and additional features to include.

Term Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Whole Life

Universal Life  

Critical Illness Protection

Today more so than ever protection yourself and family and providing a lump sum payment in the event of illnesses like Cancer, Heart Attack and/or Stroke is so important.  

Child Policies

Term and Permanent Plans

More than 25 Plus illness coverage available 

Return of Premium riders

Disability Insurance

One of your most valuable assets is your income.  You protect your house against fire and your automobile against a collision but without protecting your income you could stand to lose both your home and your vehicle.

Plan are tailored to each person's occupation.

Short term

Long term

Cost of Living Riders

Return of Premium Riders

Businesses can protect their key employees, business partners and much more! 

Long Term Care Insurance

In your 20's you are typically not thinking about not being able to care for yourself and your daily living habits.  As we age we see our parents, grandparents needing assistance.

Why not protect your assets now and invest in purchasing long term care on a parent to ensure they will be looked after in the future and your income/assets will be protected from having to allocate them to assisting later on in life.

Home Care & Facility Care packages available!

Retirement Planning

We can assist you in planning for retirement needs.  We offer many products:





Segregated Funds

The earlier you start the more wealth you can create!